Conventionally speaking, express, include several single bets (in professional slang the name “single”) on unrelated outcomes. It should be noted that the odds bet will be winning only if all specified outcomes win, in any other case, you will lose.

A true Parlay consists of two or more bets. The final calculation of the express is made by multiplying the odds on the outcomes involved in it.

This strategy is famous for its high odds, and because of this, many inexperienced players collect a huge number of outcomes in their expresses, which minimizes their chance of winning. It is important not to ignore the simple rule: the more outcomes in your hand, the lower the chance of it winning.

Betting Rules

Every sports betting strategy has its own set of rules, laid down by the bookmakers who always make sure you follow them. Express is no exception, the rules are quite simple, and they can be formulated as follows:

  • Express bet includes more than two outcomes (as a rule, the number is not limited by bookmakers, but there are exceptions that prohibit including more than ten bets in the express);
  • In case of losing at least one event, the player will lose the entire parlay;
  • The amount allowed for betting depends on the odds (if the odds are big, the bookmaker usually imposes restrictions affecting the maximum amount);
  • calculation of the express is carried out only after the end of all the events it contains.


Many novice bettors are confused about how to bet a parlay. To understand this question, we turn to the recommendations of experts in the field of sports betting, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • It is necessary to form a list of matches in advance, crossing out games with low profits, and focus your attention on easily predictable, in your opinion, outcomes;
  • It is important to look in the direction of the most profitable market (you should consider all options, and, for example, bet not only on the clear favorite of the match, but also on the underdog field goal);
  • it should always be realized that the higher the odds, the higher the risk of the outcome;
  • it is recommended to look for events with a high probability of a draw, as bookmakers generously overestimate odds for such outcomes, especially if it is a hockey or soccer match;
  • Never be guided by your emotions;

How to make a bet

Let’s find out what a parlay bet in a bookmaker’s office means and how to place it. It is carried out in the same way as an ordinary bet. 

After that it is necessary to choose the event you are interested in in the line. In case of implementation of more than two bets, you get a coupons for a parlay, after which it is checked and the sum is calculated.

System bet

A system bet includes several parlays in different combinations. Refers to a complex type of bet and can have a high profit.

If used correctly, it allows you to avoid the risks associated with ordinary expresses. As a rule, the system is represented by two numbers.

For example, 4 and 5. These numbers indicate that the system includes 5 expresses, consisting of 4 expresses in each. It sounds very confusing, but in fact it is easier. It turns out that there must be 5 combos, 4 of which must win for the system to work.

It is recommended to use the system if certain conditions are met:

  • relatively high odds on the matches are necessary (the infatuation with low odds, can lead you to the fact that the winnings will be less than the number of rubles that you bet);
  • full confidence that the bet will go through.

Express total

It is generally accepted that this strategy is easy to understand and apply. The order of operations is as follows:

  • The player analyzes the line and looking for valuables odds, then finds two soccer matches in which, in his opinion, the teams can play for total more (TB) or total less (TM);
  • the bettor makes three expresses;
  • With a reasonably composed chain the total odds will cover the costs and if at least one parlay will pass, the bettor wins.


After analyzing all the information presented above, a conclusion can be made. Namely, that express bets are in the top strategies among certain people. Those who know firsthand the essence of sports betting and betting in bookmaker offices. By following the established rules and being vigilant, the method may well guarantee the following. As a result of these actions, the playing amount will increase decently.

The main advantages, without a doubt, should include the highest odds. These are the ones that bring Russian players millions of rubles. The risk group includes people under the influence of gambling, who build long chains of expresses. As already mentioned above – the more events, the less chance of winning.

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