A few techniques will help you increase your chances if you are ready to challenge yourself.

What strategy should I use to make money in Keno?

Most players don’t know this, but Keno is more of a game of strategy than luck. By setting up a plan of action and calculating the stakes, they can win much more than they can with other forms of entertainment. It all starts with the choice of the number list, the bet and the game. In fact, there are several variations of Keno. Some require hot cards, others require cold cards. Automatic games are also a good alternative.

Free online games

It is always recommended to start with free online games. Keno has several versions. Many use real money to get multiple bonuses and numbers. But the losses will be greater since you don’t know how the game works yet. By playing free games, you also don’t commit your wallet and you limit your losses.

Of course, free keno games are often incomplete. The sites do not allow you to access certain levels and options. Restarts are often required. However, you can train little by little with such offers. And when you’re ready to take the next step, you can pay with your own money. This way, you slowly multiply your chances. Over time, you’ll gain experience and money.

Choosing how many numbers to play

Often you have a list of 20 numbers. To increase your chances, you should bet little by little. The popular conception is that you pick a large number of numbers. This not only increases the odds, but also decreases the opportunities. By limiting the bets to 6 or 8 numbers, you can play two different numbers twice.

Beware, this can increase your chances, but reduce potential winnings. Also be aware that if you use more than 8 numbers, choose at least 4 numbers. When there’s a progressive jackpot at stake, it’s better to bet as many numbers as possible.

Betting on cold numbers

Consecutive or cold numbers are also a good way to increase your chances of winning. Experienced gamblers recommend it, since the algorithm tends to choose successive numbers. In fact, most gamblers prefer to bet on random, non-continuous numbers. This is why the machine prefers to come up with consecutive numbers.

The trick is not obvious a priori, but it is based on good logic. The result certainly depends on chance. In any case, you should also bet on numbers that come out only rarely. After staying on the game for hours, you should note which numbers don’t come up frequently. Then you should wait for the right moment and bet on them.

Finding a good site

Of course, not all sites are reliable. As far as keno games are concerned, few platforms have such games, or rather quality games. Also, not all of them guarantee full payment of winnings. This is unfortunate since you play games for money in order to win.

Make sure that it is a regulated establishment, i.e. a legal site that has obtained a license. Likewise, check user reviews to see how the payment and withdrawal system works. This way, you will be able to secure your winnings, increase them and hope to withdraw them in real money. That’s why you need to play on a correct, reliable site with a wide selection of keno games.

This is the basic strategy, recommended to all budding gamblers, amateurs and professionals alike. It has already proven itself and has allowed many players to win at keno, even in their early days. Other tips help to increase your chances and thus optimize your winnings.

How to win in Keno while maximizing your winnings?

Players need to have flair, which means knowing how to track competitors and analyze a game. And to win in Keno, it is advisable to be proactive. You should rely on recent draws and also take advantage of promotional offers.

Some tips for the pros


Anticipating means anticipating everything. This requires a mathematical analysis of the draw and win mode. You should use your knowledge of statistics and calculate random moves. This way you will know which combinations will follow based on the previous ones. Sometimes you will have to use your logical sequence lessons since the machine follows such calculations.

Note that Keno also follows the rules of probability. The combinations appear at random, but it is possible to anticipate them.

The last draws

It all starts with an observation of recent print runs, knowing that previous combinations impact future ones. If you have not attended previous sessions, you can check the FDJ site. The print history can be found there. You can refer to the latest results and use them to choose numbers. Please note that this document can be downloaded to an Excel file.

Bonuses and promotions

Reducer system, progressive game, jackpot… many bonuses allow you to win more and more in keno. All you have to do is find them and play on them. Most of the time, they hide behind winning points or winning combinations. However, some of them are placed in plain sight and accessible to everyone.

Most of the time, promotional offers are often free. So you have the opportunity to play and win without necessarily betting. You can also get even more bonuses depending on the case and your level. You can also learn the principle and base your analysis on simulations. These demo games are free, but follow the same operation as normal keno.

And if you go by feeling?

You can leave the mathematical calculations aside and remain logical, or you can go straight to the feeling. This means that you’ll choose the numbers that speak to you best. If you’re a beginner, for example, you can choose your favorite number or date of birth. Who knows, it might work. If you already have experience, you can occasionally de-stress. For example, let the urge to play have the upper hand over the urge to win.

Going for the feeling also means letting chance decide for you. Of course, the choice of numbers and grids is up to you, but no calculation comes into play… literally!

Increasing your chances in keno: some more tips

Other tips can be applied to succeed in making a profit by playing keno :

  • Choose only the most frequent numbers
  • Line up a good combination
  • Ensuring its combinations
  • Play for the whole in the final

Setting up a system of play

In the long run, you will have built your own game mode and a personal strategy. This way you have a winning modus operandi. But to further increase your chances, always look for ways to improve. Indeed, games evolve and you should be able to follow the movement with a minimum of loss.

What system are we talking about? It’s a method of play that consists of combining the right numbers in a grid. The correct combination always consists of 2 numbers in 2 grids. So you should only validate 2 grids for 2 numbers in 5 draws. You can adjust the number of draws according to your desires and your means knowing that the winnings will be affected. This is a bit risky, but the payout is higher if the combination wins.

Winning at Keno in online casinos

Again, online gaming sites such as virtual casinos are a fast and safe way to win at Keno. In fact, to be sure not to lose money, it is mandatory. In fact, it is the only real way that guarantees progressive winnings.

In fact, the only truly safe and valid offers can be found on gambling platforms.

Offers adapted to your needs

On the renowned casinos, the offers are always diversified. Thus, even in the card games section, there is a lot of entertainment open to subscribers. Keno is one of them. So you can play as many times as you want and, above all, at any time. You can bet or choose the free offers.

If you want to increase your chances of playing Keno, there’s nothing safer than playing the demo games. You will take the opportunity to play and understand the game. You will also be able to prepare your strategy and analyze the game in all its states.

The most important thing is the number of publishers. International developers always offer their best inventions to the best casinos.

More security

At an online casino, the security of personal and banking information is guaranteed. All our online casinos use SSL encryption for transactions. This same system avoids intrusions and theft of confidential information. In any case, if in the customer reviews, cases of infiltration by hackers are reported, pass your way. The most reliable sites are exempt from this.

Similarly, make sure that the payment and withdrawal system is strict enough. However, even if confirmations must precede a withdrawal, the waiting period should put you on notice. Run away if there are several notices that talk about a wait of more than a week (except in exceptional cases).

Several variants of keno available: gain assured

When a casino includes Keno games, is reliable and safe, winnings are guaranteed. In fact, it all depends on the offers and security. You should put them at the forefront of your choice of site to play on. The same goes for the different versions of keno: the more the better.

Other selection criteria

Note that the casino of your choice must :

  • be regulated, i.e. have a valid gaming license,
  • offer a good rate of return, especially for keno,
  • offer several payment and withdrawal methods,
  • get a good rating from users and experts,
  • have a serious, reactive and professional customer service.

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