Gambling at licensed platforms you not only guarantee a better experience, but also make sure you can withdraw all the money that you have won. The developers make their slots based on a random number generation system, which cannot be controlled or changed by third parties. That is why by playing at fraudulent online casino websites you only enrich dishonest operators sometime without even having any chances to win. That is why if you are looking for a reliable place to gamble, you should consider Cookie Casino.  But what should you do not to fall for scammers? There are some tips that will increase your awareness about it.

Licensed Slot Machines

The industry of game slot software has its own leaders as any other market. Operating for quite a while, there are some developers that have earned trust and are reliable. So those companies ensure the integrity of their software. The RTP of a slot machine, as well as other settings are fully established by the company‚Äôs specialists. That means that a casino itself cannot make any changes in terms of how the system operates. The only things they can do is to check the main information (statistics) of a slot, and change the number of free spins depending on their bonus systems. 

Every licensed game has to go through a precise control in order to be approved. Basically, licensed slot games are products that already have certain settings and adjustments, which makes it impossible to just change for  a casino. Besides, the developer company regularly undertakes audits of the slots to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Fake Online Slots

The thing is, licensed and trustworthy software also requires big spendings. That is why scammers do not bother getting all the necessary documentation and going through a long-time testing process before making it available to players. It surely has its consequences: the number of scamming online casinos rises every day. The technologies they use makes it almost impossible to tell the difference between honest and dishonest casinos. It is like they have become professionals of copying the design and features of what licensed software developers can offer. The only thing they change is, obviously, the algorithms to have full control over the operation process. 

How to tell if a slot is fake

Firstly, you should always choose only licensed online casinos for safe gambling. Every reliable slot game uses the same server as the developer of the software. However, scammers are becoming dodgier and dodgier and are using a ton of tricks to make their sites look indistinguishable from licensed online casino sites.

Therefore, when checking on the website of the data regulator of a dishonest casino, the player can find the license number and the name of the company to which such a license really belongs. So the question is: what is a 100% reliable method of checking whether a casino is licensed? Fake slot machines use other servers. In this regard, you just need to check the server from which your favorite game is launched so that everything becomes clear at once.

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