Multi bets are a collection of single bets and, with a single bet, you get a Parlay. If all events in a parlay are matched, the odds are multiplied and the bettor pays out the total winnings. If at least one of the events doesn’t happen, the parlay will lose and your bet will be taken by the bookmaker.

Let’s say you’ve analyzed several matches and are confident in their results:

  • Match A, P1 = 1.56
  • Match B, P2 = 2.05
  • Match C, P1 = 1.22

These events can be added to an express. The total odds would be 1.56 * 2.05 * 1.22 = 3.901. Not bad. If you have only 1000 rubles in the game bank, the potential winnings will be 3901. With a limited bank, single bets will not give such a return.

In this situation, two outcomes are possible. Either you guessed all the results and get 3901, or you made a mistake in one, two or three outcomes, then your 1000 will be taken by the bookmaker.

Parlay betting: is the risk justified?

Not sure about an express bet? Take the system.

If you’re not 100% sure that a parlay will go all the way, there are two ways to go. Either don’t place a bet or use a system. Not betting is the easiest and safest option. A system is practically a parlay, only in it you can make mistakes and the winnings will be smaller.

Let’s take the data from the previous example:

  • Match A, P1 = 1.56
  • Match B, P2 = 2.05
  • Match C, P1 = 1.22

Suppose you have 3000 rubles and take the 2 out of 3 system. The 2 out of 3 system means that the bookmaker will pay your winnings if you guess at least two outcomes. The bookmaker will preliminarily divide your bet into three equal parts and wait to see which events turn out to be winning.

  • Match A + Match B = 3.198
  • Match A + Match B = 1.903
  • Match B + Match C = 2.501

If you only guessed two outcomes, you get one of the results below:

  • Match A + Match B = 3,198
  • Match A + Match B = 1,903
  • Match B + Match C = 2501

If you guessed all three outcomes, the bookmaker will calculate your winnings as follows:

  • Match A + Match B + Match C = (3,198 + 1,903 + 2,501) * 1000 = 7602
  • If you guessed all three outcomes and then took a Parlay instead of a system
  • Match A + Match B + Match C = (1.56 * 2.05 * 1.22) * 3000 = 11704


A fully guessed system would allow you to win 7602 versus 11704 in the express. It seems that you have lost 4000 dollars. But on the other hand, in case of a misfire in one of the three events, the system will back up your bank. At worst, two-thirds of the bet will return to your account, at best, you’ll be in the black. If the system has two or three strikes, it will share the fate of the express: the bookmaker will take your money.

Parlay betting strategies

Mono Expression + Soft Catch-up in Basketball

The idea behind this strategy is that the Mono Parlay guarantees a win at odds of 1.90 and higher, while the Soft Catch-up allows you to correctly calculate the amount for the next bet in case of a loss.

The event to bet on is Even/Odd in a Basketball Quarter:

  • Even in the first quarter = 1.90
  • Tie in the first quarter Team A = 1,90
  • Tie score in the first quarter Team B = 1,90

These three bets guarantee at least one win at odds of 1.90 because:

  • Chet Team A + Chet Team B = Chet
  • Chet Team A + Odds Team B = Odd
  • Odds Team A + Chet Team B = Odd

In the first case, with a bet of 1000 rubles, the winnings are (1.90 * 1.90 * 1.90) * 1000 = 6859 rubles. In the second and third case = 1900 dollars.

Net profit in the first case = 3859 dollars. In the second case = – 1100 dollars.

This situation is an excellent ground for catch-up. In the next quarter, we need to do the same, only by increasing the bet according to the formula of soft catch-up.

It is not worth getting carried away with this strategy if the bank does not allow infinitely long “catch-up”.

Express and Dogon in Tennis

As a rule, in tennis matches, the favorite takes the first game on his serve. The odds on this outcome are not the highest, but they almost guarantee success. To increase the odds, try a multi-set parlay of several of these events in parallel matches at a tournament.

If a parlay fails, it’s time to use the standard strategy of catch-up and repeat the same parlays.

A 3×85 parlay in soccer

The best parlay strategy is the one that works best in live betting, when you can keep your hand on the pulse. Try to catch a few soccer games running in parallel and wait for the 85th minute.

This is the best time to bet on a TM in two or three matches. On the long run, the probability of teams scoring after 85 minutes is lower than the reverse because players are tired and trying to keep the score down. This strategy works especially well in low-scoring championships. It is categorically not recommended to use this strategy in Asian leagues and youth leagues: last minute goals are a common occurrence there.

The odds for these events individually are very low: no more than 1.3. An express odds of these events would be up to 2-2.5 if combined.

New Player Tips

  • Analyse the events

It’s a rather obvious tip, but make sure you analyse the events before placing your bets. Mechanically adding events to bets creates the illusion of high odds but can increase the risk of losing.

  • Get 2 or 3 events in a Parlay

Try not to hold any longer parlays. The optimal number of events to combine is no more than three. Even if you do a good analysis, things can always go wrong. It’s better to put together a few equally weighted parlay odds than a big one.

  • Don’t Chase Favorites

A typical beginner’s mistake is trying to put together a long parlay of low odds events. It seems to think that you only add guaranteed outcomes and the Parlay will be a sure winner. In theory, it will. But the more events you add, the higher the probability of losing at least one.


Expresses are a great tool for increasing your betting odds. The best express bets come from experienced players who rely on analytics rather than mechanically adding events to the betting card.

Express bets are not effective in their pure form over a long distance. It is good to use them in combination with other strategies or to insure your other bets.

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