Keno is a lottery/lottery type of entertainment and you will notice in some land-based casinos that a draw takes place approximately every quarter of an hour. Here you’ll find out how to win Keno as well as tips on how to improve your chances of winning the jackpot.

#1: Play 1 or 20 numbers? When trying to find the best keno numbers: Moderate your selection

First, if you really want to preserve your chances of winning in Keno, avoid playing only one number. Not only is it useless, but it doesn’t pay off. The casino even has a 25% house edge in this case.

Ideally, what you should do is bet on nine numbers, although this number is debatable. Some Keno strategy enthusiasts like Raphael Guillard will advise you to opt for only 2 numbers, others will advise you to choose longer combinations. You will reduce the house edge to its lowest rate. If the experts estimate that players should bet between 50% and 75% of the total number of numbers drawn, what are essential remains to neither over-bet nor under-bet.

#2: Always look for the best payouts: an effective keno strategy that guarantees bigger payouts

Among the tips for winning in Keno, choosing the right game is perhaps the most important. Keno payouts vary from casino to casino. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are playing in the best possible conditions. Look for the rooms that offer the best jackpots and carefully review the payout tables. For example, Antoine Leroy, a keno enthusiast who has studied the question “how to win regularly in keno” has found a loophole in the FDJ draws. It is therefore perhaps advisable to turn to online gaming sites to try your luck and apply each of the Keno strategies presented here…

Many online casinos publish their players’ winnings. This is already a good first indication of what you too could win. Furthermore, as in any casino game, the management of your bankroll is a crucial element. If you take care of your balance, you will be able to bet more or repeat your chances of winning, which is a luxury these days in these times of crisis.

#3: Take an interest in video Keno and apply these few Keno strategies to a more dynamic game.

If you’re curious by nature or if you’re really interested in or passionate about Keno, you can try playing video Keno, which is a more prolific mode of play than classic Keno. Video Keno is a compromise between slots and keno, and you can play the game by always betting only the minimum allowed bet. The house advantage is very small in video keno, so opting for this solution can prove to be an effective strategy for winning at video keno.

Another question arises: how can you win at keno regularly when you sometimes have to wait for hours between draws? 

  • Checking off the numbers on this type of machine saves you time. 
  • You choose your numbers yourself or via a random selection system, click on the start button and the winning numbers appear. A huge time saving!

#4 : Trying to play consecutive numbers : the numbers that come out the most in Keno are often close together.

Wondering if there are better keno numbers to play first? The answer is yes and no… Some will tell you about the concept of “hot numbers” (the numbers that come out the most in Keno) and “cold numbers” (those that come out the least), claiming that some balls are more likely to be drawn than others. Keno being based on a random draw totally left to chance, it is impossible to advance such hypotheses.

On the other hand, playing successive numbers increases the odds of getting a draw in your favor. Of course, this is a technique to be tried, but as always with games of chance, winnings are not guaranteed.

#5: Playing on different variations: a strategy to win in keno that works like a charm

How do you win at Keno by playing the same version over and over again? To boost both your winnings and your interest in the game, one of the best Keno tips is to try your luck on versions that offer more rewards.

To do so, turn to variations such as Super Keno or Power Keno. It works the same way as traditional Keno, with an extra touch of spice: depending on the version you choose, you will quadruple your winnings if the first or last number drawn is among your selection. A more than attractive option.

#6: Training without paying to better understand how to win at keno regularly is THE solution

Let’s conclude this page dedicated to the theme “Keno how to win” by discussing our latest Keno strategy. It is very simple: it consists in playing on a payless version of the games, such as we offer on our interface. You can train without limit on multiple variations, and put into practice the other techniques mentioned above.

When you feel ready, all you have to do is go to the best casinos listed in our reviews, and play your money on real money entertainment, and you’ll be on your way to winning the big bucks!

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